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For those who want to stay informed of the changes made to this and my other sites (be they domains, blogs, resources, etc.), you have several options.

What’s News?

Near the bottom of most pages in my primary site, you’ll find the What’s News? section. Links to my freshest content across multiple sites are aggregated into a single feed and presented here. Though the content is especially diverse, you’ll know that these links represent my most recent updates.


Alternatively, you could subscribe to any of the RSS feeds provided below. Many modern browsers can subscribe to feeds with a single click (check your browser documentation), or you could use a newsreader. Newsreader applications of all kinds are available as free or low-cost downloads (on Macs, I recommend NetNewsWire), and are even available from online services (like Google’s reader). I love the Internet.

Either method should be a welcome improvement for those of you who wish to read my blogs, for example, but become annoyed by my—shall we say—inconsistent posting schedule. Feeds are automatically updated when changes are made or content added to this site or other third-party sites where I have public accounts. Just click the headline for the feed item and your browser will automatically rush you to the newest content. Wow, I love the Internet.

A link to my main Downs Updates RSS feed is located in the footer of all pages in my sites. I use this feed to provide occasional updates on important site changes and additions. Just copy and paste the link into the newsreader of your choice or a modern RSS-compatible browser. Additionally, some newer browsers will autodetect the feed and add an icon in the address bar. Did I mention loving the Internet?

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