David J. Downs

Interdisciplinary musician — composer, arranger, performer


The following lists a selection of Mr. Downs' major original works by official year of completion; some works currently underway are also provided. Commentary/analysis and sound files are being added for some pieces. These documents are available for non-profit educational use, if proper written attribution to David J. Downs is provided. No reprinting or publication is permitted without expressed written consent.

Mr. Downs' commissioned arrangements are not provided in this listing. Mr. Downs is accepting inquiries on commissions for new works and arrangements. More information on previous commissions and current availability can be found here.

Check back here for regular updates as Mr. Downs' Contrivances project is implemented in full force.

(2008– | approx. length 15'00")
Concerto for euphonium and wind ensemble, currently underway.

A Week of Nightmares
(1998– | approx. length 30'00")
This song cycle for soprano voice, baritone voice, brass, guitars, electric bass, synthesizers, and percussion will consist of a studio recording for electronic distribution via the internet and/or compact disc. Multiple parts are being performed by the composer, with additional personnel to be named as their final performances are added to the mix. Composition of this work is currently underway.

(1997 | approx. length 15'00")
Composition of this piece for full orchestra is currently underway.

(1996 | approx. length 18'00" )
Ia. wanderer; b. assault!; IIa. embrace; b. becoming; IIIa. black thirst; b. assault! (II)
Chamber work for Bb clarinet, violin, cello, electric guitar, celesta, and two percussionist.

Variations in G Minor
(1996, rev. 2002 | approx. length 10'00")
I. Slowly and expressively; II. With Energy; III. Gently, with emotion; IV. Lively
Duet for violin and piano.

November Frozen
(1996 | approx. length 6'30")
This duet for any solo instrument and tone generator, sampler, computer, or sound recording consists of a printed score and alternate forms of media distribution, including studio recording on CD, MIDI files, and Max (computer software) files.

Fear of Children
(1994 | approx. length 8'00")
I. Adagio; II. Allegro
Originally for string quartet, this piece is in rewrite for new instrumentation: clarinet, violin, viola, cello, piano, and percussion.

Inspiration No. 1: Six Short Character Pieces for Piano
(1993 | approx. length 8'00")
I. She Came from Darkness; II. First Thoughts; III. To Someday Be; IV. Dreams of Love; V. Inside You; VI. The Night I Knew
The solo work consists of six short etúdes in an almost random mix of styles and tonalities.  The piece premiered 28 April 1993, Brad Blackham performing.